Xinlung Visa Services

As a department of Xinlung Group Ltd, Xinlung Visa offers expert advice and representation at OISC Level 1 with Tier 4 General Student visa applications and Short Term Study Visa applications within the Visa Rules.

Xinlung Group Ltd has different departments, offering different services. However, Visa advice and services are only provided through the Xinlung Visa Department.

Xinlung Visa and UKEC

As a department of Xinlung Group, UKEC is a long-established education consultancy, providing personalised counselling and UK university application services to thousands of international students.

We understand the importance for international students to obtain the right visa to study in the UK. Our professional visa application service offered through the Xinlung Visa Department provides full and confidential visa support to international students, including submitting complete applications to UKVI on behalf of the students.

The Visa Department and UKEC are all based in Xinlung Group’s headquarters in Manchester. So, if you have already used UKEC for your university application, you don’t have to look far for visa application service. The Visa Department is right here to offer you OISC Level 1 regulated Visa services. You will be provided a free initial consultation and discounted price for representation with your visa application, as a reward for using UKEC university application service. The Visa services are provided separately to the student service offered by UKEC.

Other Departments at Xinlung Group

Excel College, a department of Xinlung Group, offers English language education to international students. Our Visa service is also available for students of Excel College. We are happy to provide regulated Visa service for them.

The Stuliving team offers free accommodation service.

The Guardianship First helps young learners to find a guardian in the UK.

The ApplicationUK team helps online customers with their UK university application.

Ybirds is the largest Chinese classified website in the UK, providing all sorts of information, including goods sale, property sale/rent, jobs and travel.


Tier 4 General Student visa applications

Short-Term Study Visa Applications


Free initial consultation to all our clients

We only charge fees when clients instruct us to represent their visa applications. We charge on a fixed fee basis only.

Fixed fee includes: All attendances and written and telephone correspondence with the client and relevant 3rd parties (Home Office); consideration, preparation and submission of application and relevant supporting documents. Copies of documents and postage (recorded and signed for postage).

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